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IKE'16 - The 15th International Conference on Information & Knowledge Engineering

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Call for Papers

You are invited to submit a paper for consideration. All accepted papers will be published in printed conference books/proceedings (each with a unique international ISBN number) and will also be made available online. The proceedings will be indexed in science citation databases that track citation frequency/data. In addition, like prior years, extended versions of selected papers (about 40%) will appear in journals and edited research books; publishers include, Springer, Elsevier, BMC, and others). See the web link below for a small subset of such publications: (some of these books and journal special issues have already received the top 25% downloads in their respective fields and/or identified as "Highly Accessed" by publishers and/or science citation index trackers.) Click Here for more details

The conference is composed of a number of tracks, tutorials, sessions, workshops, poster and panel discussions; all will be held simultaneously, same location and dates: July 25-28, 2016.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Information Retrieval Systems
    • Knowledge Management and Cyber-Learning
    • Database Engineering and Systems
    • Data and Knowledge Processing
    • Databanks: Issues, Methods, and Standards
    • Data Warehousing and Datacenters
    • Health Information Systems
    • Data Security and Privacy Issues
    • Information Reliability and Security
    • Information and Knowledge Structures
    • Knowledge Life Cycle
    • Knowledge and Information Extraction and Discovery Techniques
    • Knowledge Classification Tools
    • Knowledge and Information Management Techniques
    • Knowledge Extraction from Images
    • Knowledge Representation and Acquisition
    • Knowledge Re-engineering
    • Large-scale Information Processing Methods
    • Intelligent Knowledge-based Systems
    • Re-usability of Software/Knowledge/Information
    • Formal and Visual Specification Languages
    • Decision Support and Expert Systems
    • e-Libraries (Digital Libraries) + e-Publishing
    • Ontology: Engineering, Sharing and Reuse, Matching and Alignment
    • Digital Typography
    • Agent-based Techniques and Systems
    • Workflow Management
    • Business Intelligence
    • Large-scale Information Processing Methods and Systems
    • Content Management
    • Data and Knowledge Fusion
    • Dataweb Models and Systems
    • Global Contextual Processing and Management Implementation
    • Data/Information/Knowledge Models
    • Managing Copyright Laws
    • Interoperability Issues
    • Transaction Systems
    • Search Methods
    • Ontologies and Semantics
    • Object-oriented Modeling and Systems
    • Case-based Reasoning
    • Digital Watermarking
    • Classical Aspects of Information Theory
    • Coding Theory
    • Quantum Information Theory
    • Applications (e-Commerce, Multimedia, Business, Banking, ...)
    • Emerging Technologies and Related Issues
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Information Integration
    • Multi-cultural Information Systems
    • Domain Analysis and Modeling
    • Metamodelling
    • Education and Training Issues
    • Knowledge Mining
    • Information and Knowledge Engineering in the Context of Big Data:

- Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Databases 
- Information Mining Grids
- Distributed Databases
- Cluster Analysis
- Crowdsourcing
- Data Fusion and Integration
- Neural Networks
- Pattern Recognition
- Data Anomaly Detection
- Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
- Time Series Analysis and Visualisation
- Search-based Applications


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