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Invited Lecture: Steve Richfield

Steve Richfield

Recurrent Breast Cancer Treatment via Rapid Pain-Guided Experimentation

Steve Richfield* and Jane Eyre**

Date & Time: July 27 (Wednesday), 2016; 08:20am - 09:00am
LOCATION: Platinum Room


Recurrent breast cancers present a special challenge. Spawning from oncogenic cysts, they have mutated to circumvent measures that killed an earlier tumor, so survival rates tend to be negligible. There is a brief window of time when tumors are exquisitely sensitive to their internal pressure, making it possible to quickly test prospective therapies and receive immediate feedback in the form of reduction or elimination of pain. This paper concentrates on rapidly adjusting body temperature, in the hope and expectation that a temperature can be found where a dormant component of the immune system will awaken and attack the cancer.


Steve Richfield has been the only known Central Metabolic Control Systems (CMCS) therapist since 2001, specializing in changing various CMCS set-points, most commonly body temperature. Steve's first body temperature project was himself, to correct his own severe case of idiopathic atrial fibrillation. Steve combined his skills in medical research gained during his employment at the University of Washington, Department of Neurological Surgery, with his skills in control systems engineering gained through years of high tech consulting, to find effective ways of reprogramming human CMCS. Since then, Steve has helped more than 100 people correct their body temperature and other CMCS parameters.



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