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Invited Lecture: Dr. Gary M. Weiss

Gary M. Weiss

 Mining Smartphone and Smartwatch Sensor Data: Activity Recognition, Biometrics, and Beyond

Dr. Gary M. Weiss
Director of Wireless Sensor Data Mining (WISDM) Lab, Department of Computer and Information Science,
Fordham Univesity, Bronx, New York, USA

Date & Time: July 25 (Monday), 2016; 01:40pm - 02:40pm
LOCATION: Ballroom 1



Smartphones have become ubiquitous and smartwatches are increasing in popularity. Both of these mobile devices contain an accelerometer and gyroscope that can describe their user's motion. In this talk I will describe data mining research conducted in my WIreless Sensor Data Mining (WISDM) lab that exploits these capabilities to identify what a user is doing (activity recognition), to identify/authenticate a user (biometrics), and to diagnose problems with a user's gait. I will conclude with a discussion of the future of mobile and wearable sensor mining applications


Dr. Gary Weiss is an associate professor in the department of Computer and Information Science at Fordham University in New York City. He is the director for the Master's degree program in Computer Science, as well as the director of the Wireless Sensor Data Mining (WISDM) Lab. The WISDM Lab explores how smartphones, smartwatches, and other mobile sensors can be used to support human activity recognition, biometrics, and other sensor-based applications. His work is funded by the US National Science Foundation, Google, and several other industry partners. Prior to coming to Fordham, Dr. Weiss worked at AT&T Labs as a software engineer, expert system developer, and finally as a data scientist. He has published over fifty papers in machine learning and data mining.



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