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Featured Tutorial: Dr. Sandeep Chatterjee

Sandeep Chatterjee

 Becoming Successful Developing and Selling Mobile Apps and IoT Systems: 
Best Practices, Tools, Technologies and Processes for University Students and Professors
Dr. Sandeep Chatterjee

Founder and CEO, EVx, USA; Named "Young Global Leader" by World Economic Forum

Date & Time: July 25 (Monday), 2016; 05:40pm - 08:30pm
LOCATION: Platinum Room


Mobile apps together with low-cost Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems are the next stage in the evolution of enterprise and consumer applications. Developing real-world mobile and IoT systems (i) creates income opportunities and (ii) enhances the employment and job placement prospects for university students and professors.

For example, students studying biomedical engineering can create systems for symptom identification, supporting and improving behavior change and health management. Similarly, students studying agriculture can create innovative systems for efficiently controlling and managing crop water and pests.

Although there are many tools and technologies available to develop these systems, there are nonetheless many challenges in developing and implementing practical, real-world systems. Specifically, despite having good ideas, most students and professors simply do not have the proper training, sufficient resources and lab time to create compelling mobile and IoT systems that can actually be used in the real world.

This tutorial will provide a hands-on overview of and the best practices for using the proper tools, technologies and processes for university students and professors to develop their ideas for mobile and IoT systems so that those ideas and systems can immediately impact the real world. The tutorial will also review several case studies of university students and professors from around the world who have used these tools and processes to create real world systems, benefiting themselves financially and benefiting various industries and market segments.


The primary objective of this tutorial is to give attendees a practical exposure to the most appropriate tools and best practices for developing real-world mobile apps and Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems for university students and professors.

Intended Audience

This tutorial assumes that attendees have a basic understanding of computer systems. 


Dr. Sandeep Chatterjee is a seasoned technology expert and business professional with almost two decades of contributions as a thought leader, technologist, consultant, entrepreneur, and author. He was named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum for his professional accomplishments, commitment to society and potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world.
Chatterjee is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EVx (, a company that provides training, technology tools and support to universities around the world.  

Chatterjee earned a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley, and Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctorate (Ph.D.) degrees in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where his research in mobile computer systems was selected as one of the most important inventions in computing, and his invention is preserved and showcased in a time capsule at the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts. Chatterjee also attended Harvard University where he studied global leadership and business strategy, and completed the executive education program offered by Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School of Government.

Contact Information

Dr. Sandeep Chatterjee
Founder & Chief Executive Officer


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